What are you becoming?

The quality of your life is based on the quality of questions you ask about yourself.

We live in a world where instant gratification is the norm. We seem to want everything to be instant: instant coffee, instant noodles, Instagram and whats-app stories all contribute to this phenomenon. This also leads to us wanting success, awards, money, promotions and acceleration without wanting to take the time to build the daily disciplines. The danger of getting something too soon is that we won't be able to maintain what we have - and there is nothing worse than getting something great you can't maintain because you could not wait.

A way to shift away from this thinking is to get to the core of why you are doing what you do. Awards, money and accolades are a result of work and the feeling of satisfaction won't last very long. To change this, you need to change the question you ask about your endeavours. If all you want are results (awards, money and accolades), the question you will ask on your job, business and relationships is 'what am I getting here?' This question makes you self-centred, results driven and the feeling of fulfilment won't last long - you may end up in a position where you ask, once you achieve a result, 'is this all there is?' This is worse than failing.

The question that will change everything for you is not 'what am I getting here?' but 'what am I becoming here?' This question shifts your focus from results and selfishness to one of growth and development. The essence of life is growth and development. This question will lead to the following changes:

  • You will work hard on yourself: instead of working hard on your job or business, you will work hard on yourself. When you work on yourself - becoming more valuable, skilled and focused, you will make yourself a fortune and will lead to becoming fulfilled.

  • You will change before circumstance do: instead of focusing on external circumstances - government, economy, society, resources and technology - you will work on changing your mind, body and spirit to navigate the circumstances.

  • You will become better so things can become better: instead of demanding better wages, relationships and outcomes, you will have the conviction that you will need to become a better person so the situation becomes better. More money, time, people, circumstances, people count for nothing if you do not become a better person.

Asking the question, "what am I becoming" will make you more valuable, focused and fulfilled as you will always strive for growth and development.

What am I becoming?
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