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Why is this important?

“Education is the passport to the future, for the future belongs to those who prepare for it today.” - Malcolm X

There could not be a truer saying, as education is the one thing that will prepare people with knowledge, abilities and skills to build a better future. However, the world is in a crisis where true education is scarce, majority of people cannot finish school; those who finish school cannot get jobs or start strong enterprises. True education is what the world needs and there are way we can reform education, teach the most important skills and embark on a journey to create a better future.

True education is what advances us as a people communities, schools, nations, continents and global society. True education will set many free and build a better future; it will take time but the benefits will certainly be worth it. It is our duty to propagate true education. The greatest crime you can commit against another human being is to deny them true education.

How will this be put together?

This talk will be based on the book that will be researched from personal experiences, interviews with the top educational institutions, governments and leaders across nations and around the world. The service will be delivered as a keynote or workshop, which will be tailored to the need of the specific audience.

The style of delivery is very interactive, energetic and infused with humour and needed seriousness to get the audience to take action.

What will be covered?

The organisation and audience will get practical models and tools to implement that same day in order to get a result. The key themes are:

  1. Understand the Criticality of Education: The Urgency of The Moment.

  2. Know What We Are Getting Wrong: The Fallacies of The System.

  3. Know Where We Are Getting Education Right: The Centricity Principle

  4. Cultivate The Most Important Educational Skills: The Prowess of Argumentative and Critical Reasoning

  5. Embrace The Time Factor: The Way Forward Takes Time

Based on the pre-engagement briefing, a particular theme will be made the main focus for the service.


This content is applicable to a main demographic but was created with the following groups in mind:

  • High Schools

  • University / Higher Education

  • Graduate Programmes

  • Churches

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