Success Is The Progressive Realisation of a Worthy Ideal

Before you can achieve success, you need to understand what it is. There are common misconceptions about success. Many define it as being extremely wealthy, having countless awards and honours, being promoted to the highest levels of leadership or being extremely well known. However, none of this is necessarily true. Many extremely rich people are miserable and unhappy. There are well-renowned people who lead personal lives that make you question whether they are successful. The common definition of success seems to be “the attainment of wealth, possessions, honours or the like”. These are just the results. They don’t necessarily mean that one is successful. As noted before, inspiration is the true source of success. A truer definition of success is offered by Earl Nightingale in his message, The Strangest Secret: “Success is the progressive realisation of a worthy goal or ideal”. This is the idea of a person who is doing and achieving the things they have always wanted to do. A woman who is a housewife and mother because it is what she inherently wants to do, is successful. So is a student who is studying maths, science or art and attains work in such a field because it is what they have always wanted to do. An entrepreneur who opens a business, sets a target of amassing a net worth of R1-million and reaches it, because it is what they have always wanted to do, is successful. In contrast, a person who attains multi-millionaire status in the medical profession but always wanted to work in civil engineering is not successful because it is not what they have always wanted to do. Inspired success means you are moving towards an ideal or goal that is aligned with your highest values. Anyone can achieve and live inspired success if they know how. Achieving and living inspired success are attainable once you understand them. The next chapter will detail how to do so by discussing the preludes to success and the basic characteristics of inspired and successful people. First, let’s talk about your values and how to get an idea of what they are.

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